Angelic Foundation was established to help support Christian Missionary pensions & job training, scholarships for content responsible moviemakers and preservations of families at risk. The foundation shall receive the majority of its support from the gross profits of Angelic PicturesAngelic Foundation is to be established as a section 501(c)(3) private foundation under the IRS tax code. The foundation will supply grants to a limited number of purposes in accordance with its founding principles. The foundation will grant no less than 5% of its assets each year. These grants will be targeted to at least three charitable programs developed by the foundation.

Missionary Support

The Foundation will supply field and retirement support for people who devote their lives to the great commission (Matthew 28:19, 20).  In the words of one missionary, “Often we give our youth and the best quality years of our lives overseas only to return uneducated and behind the eight-ball, when we need most to fit back into the Western world again.”  Missionaries stand on the front lines expanding the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and deserve the honor and respect that sacrifice requires.

Scholarship Fund

The Foundation will supply scholarship funds to students seeking careers in missions or the Entertainment Industry.  These scholars are required to spend a number of hours each week in charitable or community service programs.  We wish to provide funds for scholars who otherwise cannot afford the education required for field missions.  We wish to shape tomorrow’s moviemakers into responsible civic-minded professionals who raise the bar on production-content value across the industry and whenever possible bring the love and message of Jesus Christ to audiences everywhere.

Preservation of Families at Risk

This program will seek to supply relief to economically struggling families.  There are many ministries and government groups that look after widows, orphans, single-parent and abandoned families. We want to save families at risk, before they are broken.  The foundation will supply food, lodging, transportation and living expenses, based on their financial need.  Care is for a structured period of time allowing for a family to stabilize and thus support themselves.  This program will require Post Grant evaluations and structured site visits to assure financial responsibility.

Angelic Foundation works to be a stabilizing influence in society through prevention and intervention at times when individuals and families have the power to change their own lives. Our success is written on the hearts of those who have regained control of their lives and future.