Angelic Foundation is a Judeo-Christian based, non-denominational, non-profit organization in the United States that provides grants to support societal integrity by preserving the family unit through times of transition and crisis and bolstering values in Mass Media.

Angelic Foundation provides grants to support those who have given their lives to Christ’s work, defend and preserve the American family unit, and perpetuate pro-social programming moviemaking for future generations of moviemakers.

Angelic Foundation upholds societal integrity by interceding before problems are catastrophic. Utilizing grants to provide everything from basic necessities to job training and marital counseling, Angelic works to empower individuals and families to overcome potentially damaging situations. Additionally, Angelic seeks to nurture a stabilizing moral influence in the Movie Biz and Entertainment Industry.

Angelic Foundation provides Christian love and service to the world through example of selfless giving, generosity, compassion for neighbors and extending the reach of Christ’s gospel to the world.