A message from foundation Chairman Mark Maine

Hello Friends,

Giving is a way of life. For me it’s always been a part of who I am and how I have raised my family. As a consummate traveler I have had the privilege to experience the myriad of different cultures around the world and within the United States. The more I see, the more I realize that everyone around the world needs the same things: To know the love of God through Jesus Christ and to build strong loving families to further this understanding.

Being raised in-between the Catholic and Christian traditions, I found my own devotion to the primacy of following Christ. It seems fewer and fewer people really understand the free gift of love, mercy and grace God has given to this world. There are rare individuals who step up and dedicate their lives to spreading this gospel to far away lands in the Mission fields, they are today’s heroes. Unfortunately, I have seen the plight of individuals who serve in the field of missions expanding the Kingdom of God, that come home penniless and unequipped to re-enter western society. The resulting clash of cultures can shatter the families of many returning missionaries. Something had to be done.

Angelic Foundation was created to direct a portion of profits from Angelic Pictures towards empowering returning Missionaries and other families at risk before they collapse. Many social services exist in both the public and private sector to help people in desperation survive. I want to help organizations that keep people from ending up in dependent survival situations. Families need intervention before they break not just someone to come around and pick up the pieces.

I have always been very concerned about how the money I give to charities is being used. Therefore, I only give to organizations that can assure the majority of funds are designated to the actual cause and not squandered on overhead expenses. I am adamant about Angelic Foundation abiding by the same principles I value in other charitable organizations.

Thank you for your interest in Angelic Foundation. I pray that you may be generous with your giving to this or any other worthy organization seeking to share Christ’s love with the world. Because, by working together in love we can reshape the face of this world.

God’s blessing on you and your family,

Mark Maine

Born in La Jolla, San Diego, CA Mr. Maine has an extensive background from Law Enforcement where he severed many years as a highly decorated Patrol Office on the San Diego Police Department to the last 20-years in the Major Hollywood Studio Movie Business. Mr. Maine's extended family has significant ties to the Hollywood Music Industry. Many early Disney and Warner Bros. theme songs are property of their family. Mr. Maine is currently living in San Diego, CA with his family. Mr. Maine is the Founding Chairman, President & CEO of Angelic Pictures.